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LeBow students learn through experience at Drexel, instructed by experts in their fields.

Would you expect anything less from the nation’s leader in business administration instruction?

Your gift to LeBow counts as an investment in the future success of our College, our faculty and – most of all – our students.

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LeBow Dean’s Strategic Fund

Every year, our Dean must maximize potential with finite resources. The Dean’s Strategic Fund provides critical support to best advance the College through the recruitment and retention of leading faculty.

This fund needs your support to ensure LeBow students receive the highest level of experience paired with acute academic understanding.

Help bring even more industry experts to our students. Consider a gift to LeBow’s Dean’s Strategic Fund and give our students the experience LeBow is known for.

Make a gift to the Dean’s Strategic Fund

LeBow Dean’s Scholarship Fund

LeBow College of Business is committed to helping students achieve through scholarship support. But we cannot do this without you.

Every year, donor support allows LeBow College of Business to award scholarships that help students graduate and write their own success stories.

If you give to LeBow, consider giving to scholarships. You’ll be making an investment that will prove invaluable.

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LeBow Dean’s Faculty Innovation Fund

Our faculty drive our students’ success but that wouldn’t be possible without extensive fieldwork.

LeBow’s Dean’s Faculty Innovation Fund aids experiential instruction by supporting tenure track research. It also strengthens and stimulates innovative exploration. The fund allows for educational travel, introducing a global perspective and new methodologies to the classroom.

Give to LeBow’s Dean’s Faculty Innovation Fund and empower our faculty to make their best even better.

Make a gift to the Dean’s Faculty Innovation Fund