Success Stories

George Spencer

George Spencer

MBA (Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management), 2017

George Spencer already had a successful career as an on-air reporter and a master’s degree from Columbia when he began the Drexel LeBow part-time MBA program.

She credits her Drexel LeBow Executive MBA for helping her identify the delicate balance between analytics and relationship building, strategy and teamwork in her finance career.

From international consulting to academic trips, Roger Kfoury got the most out of his time at Drexel, and a LeBow networking event is what that ultimately led him to an exciting role after graduation.

Alice Park pursued her LeBow MBA to advance her career by combining her interests in technology and marketing .

Pursuing his Drexel Executive MBA laid the groundwork for Amaya to manage innovation and develop a network of diverse professionals to support him throughout his career.

Getting to know his professors on a personal level helped Tim Rudderow make the most of his Drexel LeBow MBA program and start his own investment firm.

Ranasinghe leveraged his dual degrees by infusing economic theories and research skills learned at LeBow into tax auditing at EY (Ernst & Young).