Success Stories

Leonard Hayes III

Leonard Hayes III

MBA, 2017

After over 20 years in the U.S. Coast Guard, Espino pursued his Executive MBA at LeBow to fine tune his leadership skills and parlay his military experience into civilian career.

Ranasinghe leveraged his dual degrees by infusing economic theories and research skills learned at LeBow into tax auditing at EY (Ernst & Young).

Ali Burt’s path to the MS in Accounting program was unconventional. A graduate of Smith College, Burt found her way to her pursuit of the corner office through her work in the nonprofit sector.

Diving into research has allowed Emma Zdgiebloski to engage fully with her academic studies and travel the world.

The online MBA program at LeBow offered Wendorff the flexibility she needed to take advantage of a temporary international work opportunity.

For John Erwin, beginning his MBA program at Drexel LeBow wasn’t an attempt to move to another field, but to add more of what he enjoyed to his current position.