Success Stories

Yaoxing Chen

Yaoxing Chen

MS in Accounting, 2017

For Yaoxing Chen, overcoming extreme shyness as a girl gave her the determination needed to study accounting at Drexel LeBow after majoring in French at home in China.

Diving into research has allowed Emma Zdgiebloski to engage fully with her academic studies and travel the world.

Mathilde Berger used her undergraduate research experience to compete in a prestigious student competition sponsored by NASA. Now she works at SPACEX.

Anna Petrone credits Drexel Co-op with providing her the experience necessary to land a position in the Federal Reserve’s two-year research assistant program.

Pursuing his Drexel Executive MBA laid the groundwork for Amaya to manage innovation and develop a network of diverse professionals to support him throughout his career.

After deciding to change his major from pre-dentistry to finance, Kim transferred to Drexel and completed his co-op at Goldman Sachs, the global investment banking titan.

For Wilkins, it was the attentive economics faculty and extensive Drexel network that helped her land a job at the Federal Reserve even before completing her degree.