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LeBow Logo


CMYK (4-color printing)
Blue: 100% cyan, 69% magenta, 7% yellow, and 30% black
Yellow: 0% cyan, 12% magenta, 98% yellow, and 0% black

Blue: 294C
Yellow: 7548C

Blue: R0 G52 B120 or #07294D
Yellow: R255 G198 B0 or #FFC600

Approved one color combinations are: all blue; all black; all yellow, or may be reversed (white) on a dark or colored background.

Download zip file of logos for official use by the LeBow College of Business

Read complete Drexel University Graphic Identity Guidelines.

LeBow Branded Items for Official College Use

  • Powerpoint Presentation Template - Download this zip file containing a template for use by LeBow faculty and staff. Please keep all fonts as arial to align with Drexel style guidelines.