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Careers in Real Estate Image

Four Careers for the Real Estate Grad

Real Estate is a growing industry, perfect for the business-minded grad.

Marketing traits

Five Traits Marketing Employers Seek

Clinical Professor Michael Howley shares the top 5 traits marketing executives are looking for in potential employees.

Analytical leader graphic

Three Qualities of an Analytical Leader

An effective analytical leader embodies three fundamental qualities.

Salary Negotiation

Top Tips for Salary Negotiation

Students often ask me how to go about negotiating a salary. It’s something that doesn’t come naturally to many (myself included), but it is a part of the job search process that should not be missed.

Business Analytics Career Paths

Find a Role in Data: Four Career Paths in Business Analytics

Whether you’re entering or advancing your career in business analytics, these four levels of professional roles will help you explore potential trajectories as a MS Business Analytics graduate.


Questions You Should Ask During a Graduate School Interview

The choice to pursue an graduate degree is a big one. Use these questions to find out more about a potential program and show the admissions team you have done your homework.

Asking Questions

Questions You May Be Asked During a Grad School Admissions Interview

Review this list of questions that might come up on a grad school interview to be prepared to wow the admissions team.

Writing a Statement of Purpose

Top 10 Tips for Writing a PhD Statement of Purpose

LeBow’s PhD program director shares his advice on writing a strong personal statement for admission into doctoral programs in business and economics.


Relational Networking: Not Just Collecting Contacts

When it comes to networking to make your next career move, it’s not always about who you know, but rather who knows you.

Career Transition

Five Steps To Effective Career Transition

If you are interested in changing careers or industries, take these steps now for a successful career transition.


Why You Should Consider Becoming a Mentor

An alumnus shares why he chooses to mentor and why you should too.

Full-Time vs. Part-Time

Full-Time vs. Part-Time Study - Which Is Best for You?

You want to pursue your graduate degree in business, but maybe you aren’t sure if you should go to school full time or part time. Explore the pros and cons.


GMAT vs. GRE - Which Test Should I Take?

Some graduate business degree programs accept either a GMAT or GRE score as part of the admissions packet, but which is better for acceptance into a quality MBA or MS program?

Linked In Recruiting

Five Simple LinkedIn Updates to Impress Graduate Recruiters

Maintaining a complete and up to date LinkedIn profile is essential for the job search. Make yours shine with tips from LeBow’s career services maven.

Binoculars Looking at People

Think Like a Recruiter, Act Like a Professional

Regardless of age, education, experience or industry, the more you understand what a recruiter is looking for, the better you can position yourself for a job offer.

Working Mom

Returning to the Workplace: Eight Steps to Creating an Opt-in Strategy

Re-entry to the workforce can be a challenge after leaving a career to take care of family. These tips will help you create a successful return strategy.

Low GMAT Score

What if I Have a Low GMAT Score?

Find out what you should do if you have a low GMAT score when applying to a masters in business or MBA program - from a real graduate admissions professional.

MBA vs. MS

MBA vs. MS: Which Degree is Right for Me?

Not sure about the difference between an MBA degree or an masters in business? Compare business degree programs options to find out which is the best fit for you.

Interview Judges

Four Ways to Impress During a Graduate Admissions Interview

Drexel LeBow’s director of graduate admissions, John Adamski shares four tips to help applicants impress during an MS or MBA admissions interview.

How to Story-Tell Your Way Into the Job You Really Want

How to Story-Tell Your Way Into the Job You Really Want

Turn past professional experiences into great stories, and practice, practice, practice!