BS Accounting - Drexel University 1975
MS Master in Business and Administration / Finance - Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA 1977
MA Accounting - Wharton Graduate School, University of Pennsylvania 1979
Ph.D. Accounting, Minor in Statistics - Texas A&M University 1981

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Presented Research

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2009-2010 Service Award (LeBow College of Business)
2006-2008 Center for Teaching Excellence (Drexel University - LeBow College of Business)
2003 R. Lee Brummet Award for Academic Excellence ( Institute of Management Accountants)
1996-1997 DuPont Award for Teaching Excellence (LeBow College of Business- Department of Accounting)
1986-1987 Goudchaux’s-Maison Blanche Outstanding Teaching Award (LSU College of Business)

Areas of Expertise

  • Education Savings and Tax Incentives
  • Federal and State Income Tax Policy
  • Fringe Benefits Taxation
  • Retirement Income and Women
  • Retirement Income Taxation

Media Mentions