Daniel Korschun is an Assistant Professor of Marketing at Drexel University’s LeBow College of Business and a fellow of both the Center for Corporate Reputation Management and the Center for Corporate Governance at LeBow.

Dr. Korschun’s work appears in the Journal of Marketing, MIT-Sloan Management Review, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, Journal of Business Research, and the Journal of Business Ethics. He is co-author of the book Leveraging Corporate Responsibility: The Stakeholder Route to Business and Social Value (Cambridge University Press).

He works with companies to develop innovative CSR practices that generate value for both the company and society.


MBA - L’Universita Commerciale Luigi Bocconi Italy 2000
Ph.D. - Boston University 2008

Selected Works


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Korschun, Daniel and Wang, Wenling . Being Different at Making a Difference 2010 Corporate Identity/Associations Research Group Convening Jan 2011 :Apr 2011


Corporate Identity / Associations Research Group International Conference, Co-Chair Sep 08, 2011 - Sep 10, 2011


2013 Finalist: Architech Teaching and Technology Competition (LeBow College of Business)
2013 Winner: Allen Rothwarf University Award for Teaching Excellence (Drexel University)
2013 Grantee: Oxford University Centre for Corporate Reputation (Oxford University-Said Business School)
2013 Fellow, Center for Corporate Governance (2012-present) (LeBow College of Business)
2013 Fellow, Center for Corporate Reputation Management (2008-present) (LeBow College of Business)
2012 Recipient: Emerald’s 2012 Citation of Excellence Awards: top 50 article for impact among articles from 300 journals worldwide (Emerald Publishing Group)
2012 Grantee: Hertz Corporation and WCAI Research Opportunity (Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative)
2012 Recipient: Best Paper Award (2nd) (International Marketing Conference, Calcutta, India)
2012 Grantee: LeBow Center for Corporate Reputation Management (LeBow Center for Corporate Reputation Management)
2012 Winner: LeBow Excellence in Teaching Award (LeBow College of Business)

Areas of Expertise

  • Brand and Corporate Reputation Management
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Internal Marketing
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Relationship Marketing