Executive DBA

Plan of Study

The program is designed to allow for completion in as little as two and a half years of continuous enrollment and study. This is possible because of Drexel quarter-based system rather than semesters: 10 quarters in 2.5 years is equivalent to a typical 6 semester program in 3 years.

Refer to the Drexel Course Catalogue for degree requirements and course descriptions.

Year 1

Term Course Course
Fall Applied Organizational Theory Foundations of Research in Behavioral Science
Winter Challenges of a Data Driven Economy Applied Statistical Analysis and Inference
Spring Dissertation Research, Applied Methodology Workshop Qualitative Inquiry Methods
Summer Corporate Growth and Risk Strategies Analyzing Quantitative Data

Year 2

Term Course Course
Fall Driving Innovation and Design Dissertation Research, Data Collection Strategy
Winter Navigating the Changing Business Environment Dissertation Research, Literature Review and Proposal Defense
Spring Dissertation Research, Data Collection Process -
Summer Dissertation Research, Analysis -

Year 3

Term Course
Fall Dissertation Research, Discussion and Contribution Chapter
Winter Dissertation Defense