Executive DBA

Program Delivery

Drexel LeBow’s DBA Program offers an innovative and flexible delivery format designed to keep you supported, energized and on-track in your doctoral pursuit. Each ten-week academic term integrates two core courses and delivers them in a blended learning journey. The format may vary but typically will offer two live face-to-face residencies Thursday through Saturday at the beginning and second half of the term, with a series of virtual modules connecting them.

Each term kicks off with a weekend of in-person events and course sessions on campus. During these three days, you will meet and work with your academic community face-to-face, rubbing shoulders with fellow doctoral candidates as well as interdisciplinary faculty and guests from executive business ranks.

Following this in-person session, you will stay connected and learn remotely with your cohort in virtual modules designed to drive your experiences, reflection and insights further.

In approximately week six of the term you will return to campus for your second on-campus residency, working with faculty to tie the threads of the courses together and draw your conclusions in preparation for presenting final course deliverables. Each term will wrap-up with a short two week virtual module that brings the experience to a close.

This delivery model is custom developed for the LeBow DBA program and is an innovative feature that will maximize learning while allowing you to maintain critical balance in your work, family and academic domains.

Sample Delivery Model - Year One (2 courses per term)

Weeks 1 to 2 Weeks 3 to 5 Weeks 6 to 8 Weeks 9 to 10
Residency Weekend 1 Online Modules Residency Weekend 2 Online Modules
Thursday, Friday, Saturday (Between Weeks 1 and 2) - Thursday, Friday, Saturday (Between Weeks 6 and 8) -
Face-to-face Sessions Online Work Face-to-face Sessions Online Work