MBA Degree Program

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MBA Experiential Learning Courses

Students interested in MBA programs for strategic consulting, international business or enterprise business have a number of courses to choose from to gain the knowledge and experience they are seeking.

Many graduate courses housed under the Dornsife Office of Experiential Learning incorporate hands-on learning components that are a key component of the MBA curriculum. From international residencies to simulations, experiential courses take students out of the classroom, blend theory and practice and promote engagement with University, industry and community.

BUSN 715: Business Consulting Projects

This course is designed to give students an opportunity to work on a live project with a company in the region. The purpose of BCPs is to tackle real business issues, providing data and analysis in a concentrated timeframe. The student teams, with the support of advisors and faculty, will focus their energy on helping clients achieve new insights to business challenges.
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INTB 790: Seminar in International Business

Requires students to present the results of research on the application of theory to contemporary economic, political, and social problems as they affect U.S. business operations abroad. Requires oral presentation and written report of graduate quality.
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MGMT 601: Managing the Total Enterprise

This business simulation focuses on the need to integrate strategic and operational concepts, issues and decisions in moving technological enterprises from start-up to success.
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