MS in Business Analytics

Designed for students who have an interest in quantitative methods, exploring and uncovering relationships through data analysis, using the data to solve business problems, and want to enter or advance in a career in business analytics. The M.S. in Business analytics is also ideal for MBA students seeking a quantitative second degree.

Prepare to influence decision-making, strategy and operations with fact-based insights and an in-depth understanding of business performance analysis from a systems view — using statistical and quantitative analysis of data as well as explanatory and predictive modeling. The program draws on the following areas of business intelligence: statistics, operations research, mathematical modeling and management information systems to access and create databases that support the other areas.

  • The program is delivered on-campus
  • 45 credit, full- and part-time program
  • The full-time program that can completed in less than two years
  • Classes begin in the fall quarter*

Program Requirements

The admission committee will evaluate your candidacy based on test scores and undergraduate GPA, with some consideration given for work experience. Particular attention is paid to grades achieved in quantitative-based coursework. Work experience is preferred and will enhance the composite admission score, but is not mandatory. GMAT/GRE is required, and the score must demonstrate a high-level of quantitative and analytical ability. The average TOEFL score usually exceeds 90.

Please contact Drexel LeBow’s Graduate Admissions Office directly with any questions concerning required entrance exams (such as the GMAT or GRE), evaluation of undergraduate or graduate records (grades, scores, total years and subjects studied, etc.), and any other issues regarding application to the M.S. in Business Analytics program.

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