The M.S. in Economics from the Drexel LeBow School of Economics integrates training in core economics, rigorous quantitative methods and policy analysis. Students have the flexibility to shape their course of study to best match their career aspirations.

The degree is designed to be completed in about 18 months. Required classes provide a solid foundation in micro and macroeconomic theory, statistics and econometrics. Elective courses are offered in many disciplines, including managerial economics, public finance, international economics, and health economics. Students can also take courses in other Drexel LeBow departments, including finance, management and marketing.

An undergraduate degree in economics is not required for admission into the program.

For students who aspire to a PhD in economics or to work in economic research, the program provides options to obtain the needed rigorous training in advanced theory.

Three types of students will find the program rigorous and enlightening:

  1. Students interested in becoming practitioners in industry, the financial sector, government, regulatory agencies or international organizations. The program will provide these students with the knowledge of modern Economics and the analytical skills needed to succeed in this job market.
  2. Students interested in pursuing a Ph.D. program in Economics who do not have the skills and background needed to apply to high quality doctoral programs.
  3. International students seeking a degree from an American university.

Unlike many other programs, the Drexel M.S. in Economics will: focus on industry and policy economics, which has strong appeal for those looking for careers in both industry and the public sector; emphasize empirical skills desired by employers and applicants; offer strong Ph.D. preparation tracks emphasizing the theoretical and mathematical skills necessary to enter such programs.

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