Chuck Sacco

"The moment our class work led us to the idea for PhindMe, I realized that Drexel LeBow would help me do amazing things."
Chuck Sacco
Co-Founder, PhindMe

Sacco is featured in the February 27 issue of Fortune magazine.

Ever use your cell phone to access a mobile-friendly website? Chances are Chuck Sacco had something to do with it.

Sacco was still a Drexel LeBow MBA student when he co-founded PhindMe. Originally conceived as a service to help consumers use their cell phones to find local businesses, Sacco quickly grew PhindMe into a leading tool for creating mobile-friendly versions of websites. Thanks to Chuck, businesses could provide cell-phone users the same functionality that they provided to customers who were using computers to access their websites.

This technology entrepreneur has an undergraduate degree in information technology and has been involved in the enterprise software business almost since graduating. Among the tech companies and products he launched was Online Applications, a company providing consulting services to the manufacturing industry that was acquired by a $2 billion firm.

But even with those successes, Chuck explains, “You start to realize there are things you don’t know. An MBA can help you figure that out and help you prepare for the next stage of your career. Drexel is well known for technology, so I thought I would give it a shot.?

While an MBA student, Chuck met Doug Bellenger, a 2003 graduate of the Drexel LeBow MBA program, and the two devised the idea for PhindMe.Their access to the incubator at Drexel LeBow’s Baiada Center for Entrepreneurship helped the business take off.

Today, as the president of Motivas, the company that purchased PhindMe in 2009, Chuck juggles wide-ranging responsibilities from managing a sales team to finance, marketing, consulting and product development. He credits the Drexel LeBow MBA for helping him add value through versatility.

“I have to be able to duck and dive as needed,” he says. “I’ve been in a company with 20,000 people, to one with two people. But in a small company, there is great opportunity for growth and innovation and every day is a new chapter. I like to be able to control my destiny and make my ideas happen.”

Sacco now shares his experiences as an adjunct instructor at Drexel LeBow, teaching a course in New Ventures Planning.

“I learned so much at Drexel LeBow, and I hope sharing my experiences will do the same for today’s students,” he says. “My business was born at Drexel LeBow, and can’t wait to see what businesses will be created by today’s MBA students.”

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