C-Suite Co-op™

This is more than an internship; it is a work experience that could change everything.

Beginning this fall, students enrolling in the full-time MBA will compete for coveted C-Suite Co-op™ positions, where you will work at the highest levels at firms such as Aqua, Inc., Cisco, SAP, eBay, Santa Clara VTA, Urban Outfitters and other leading American corporations — all while you are still earning your MBA.

The full-time Drexel LeBow MBA program includes an experiential component during the summer term, after the first nine months of academic study. One of the options for fulfilling this requirement is the C-Suite Co-op™. The selection of students for these positions will be determined through a rigorous assessment, LeBow business competition and selection process – a learning experience on its own. After the corporation match is made, students will work directly with these well-known and successful leaders on key projects within that organization.

The networking opportunity plus the experience on your resume could change the course of your career.

“I can think of no better way to introduce students to the realities of the business world,” says SAP Co-CEO Bill McDermott. “As the need for real talent deepens in business, the program provides an opportunity for substantial knowledge growth – for the student and for SAP.”.