Undergraduate Programs

LeBow is your business lab. Experiment with your career in co-op. Experience what you learn in simulations and competitions. Benefit from state-of-the-art facilities, unparalleled student support, technology and world-renowned faculty.

Learning at LeBow

Academics will be challenging but never boring, and not always in the classroom.

Combine a liberal arts core with general business courses, and then dive into one or more specialized areas of interest by selecting from 10 majors and several minors.

We teach differently at Drexel. At LeBow we take that seriously. Students learn through in-class and outside classroom opportunities ranging from case competitions to consulting and study abroad.

18 months of professional experience ends up on your resume before you graduate, giving you a huge advantage over students graduating from other universities.

Student Life

The vibrant city life, ample student organizations, on campus events, student support and your co-op opportunities provide a well-rounded experience to a dynamic life at LeBow.

These communities each have an academic focus and an experiential edge. Live, learn and support each other in this amazing academic adventure.

The Freshman Experience

Freshman have unique opportunities for learning at LeBow. Here, your peer support and your career starts day one.

Special first year courses give students the exposure to business needed to make an educated choice on their field of study and be prepared for their first real-world jobs.

Runner in the Crowd

A Runner in the Crowd

Whether facing a grueling 26.2 miles or the hurdles of freshman year, Sean Lewin’s story illustrates how shared challenges can bond strangers into a team.