Undergraduate Programs


The 180-credit B.S. in Business Administration degree allows you the flexibility to complete either a single or double-major within the minimum degree requirements.

Prepare for a successful career in accounting or taxation.

Prepare for a data-driven world, where companies collect and analyze data to measure past performance and plan for the future.

Learn important concepts in functional business areas such as accounting, economics, finance, information systems, law, marketing, organizational behavior, operations and statistics.

Prepare to apply the rigorous methods of modern quantitative economics as a professional in a business context.

Gain the hands-on experience to start your own venture, work for startup companies, serve as a consultant — or prepare to bring innovative thinking to more traditional jobs within larger organizations.

Learn the basic concepts, principles, operating procedures and analytical techniques to make sound financial decisions and thrive as an analyst, wealth planner or other related financial decision-making position.

Benefit from the comprehensive study of the many areas of business and leave yourself open to various learning possibilities and career choices.

Study the interworkings of global markets and their behavior at the micro and macro level to prepare for a career in an industry such as pharmaceutical, banking or telecommunications.

Apply high-level critical thinking to learn how legal issues affect business — for students seeking careers in law or applicable business professions where informed and intelligent decison-making skills are essential.

Learn how to manage people and the systems related to information technology and apply the power of technology to solving business problems.

Learn how to satisfy the ever-changing wants and needs of people and organizations through the hands-on study of demographics, research paradigms, advertising, branding and related fields.

Master the analytical techniques necessary to manage or specialize in the operation of industrial and service systems.