B.S. in Business and Engineering students attend classes featuring both classroom and online hybrid learning at our Philadelphia campus. 

B.S. in Business and Engineering Program at a Glance

  • AACSB-accredited
  • 185 credit minimum
  • Business courses are 4 credits each
  • General Education: 43 credits
  • Science and Computing: 23 credits
  • General Business: 64 credits
  • Engineering and Business Focus: 55 credits
  • Concentrations / free electives are optional
  • Some concentrations can be completed within minimum requirements

The courses included in the plan of study may be grouped into four categories:

    • General Education Requirements - Provide a broad-based education while keeping up with the technically oriented nature of the business and engineering program. Courses in technical communications, ethics, critical reasoning, and technological innovation will engage you to think expansively and effectively communicate ideas.

    • Science and Computing Requirements - Offer courses essential to the foundation of engineering sciences.

    • General Business Requirements - Offer a broad understanding of fundamental business disciplines to complement specialized knowledge in business and engineering. These courses will introduce you to all the functional areas of business and the quantitative aspects of decision making, and will lay the groundwork for future study and career advancement.

  • Business & Engineering Focus - Integrates the rigorous math, science and business foundation courses with a distinctive breadth of specialized courses in business and engineering. These courses bolster the synergies between these two fields to improve the functioning of technically oriented businesses.

When you reach the end of one of LeBow College’s programs, we provide Capstone: Reflective Experience for Seniors in writing and business. These experiences will help you to analyze and reflect on what you have learned throughout your course of study.

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