Undergraduate Programs

Experiential Learning Course in Trading Lab

Experiential Learning

Business learning doesn’t happen from reading a textbook alone - context and application is extraordinarily powerful in teaching how to use the concepts and how it plays out in the business world.

Graduate with up to 18 months of hands-on, professional experience on your resume -- and a huge advantage.

Drexel Student on Co-op

Hands-on learning is incorporated into coursework across LeBow, expanding undergraduate student skills and experience in the classroom.

Department of Justice Consulting Course with former Police Commissioner Charles

Global learning provides students the opportunity to develop intercultural communication skills, learn about differing business environments and gain hands-on experience in international markets.

Students posing in front of Eiffel Tower during international residency trip

LeBow undergraduate research offers student the opportunity to get to know faculty, explore a major area of research and gain practical research skills and experience.

STAR scholars presenting research

Case studies and simulations provide an excellent platform for undergraduate students to bridge the divide between theory and practice and apply the concepts and frameworks of a course to the reality of running a business.

Students working together on a project