BA in Economics

BA in Economics

BA in Economics

The Bachelor of Arts major in Economics allows you to study economics while gaining a broad-based liberal arts education. The degree is ideal if you are interested in the less quantitative features of economics and you desire to focus your area of study on liberal arts programs — particularly in areas within the College of Arts and Sciences.

Complementary Coordinate Field

The degree requires students to develop a depth of knowledge in a complementary coordinate field outside of economics through a second major or a minor.

Examples of complementary coordinating fields might include:

  • A minor in History and Politics for students interested in political economics or policy studies.
  • A minor in American or European Studies for students interested in the economics of those countries.
  • A minor in Communications for students interested in economics/business journalism.

BA in Economics Plan of Study

Required Foreign Language

The BA in Economics requires a foreign language component, as is standard for all BA degrees at Drexel University.