Undergraduate Programs

Global Learning Community

The Global Learning Community (GLC) provides first-year business students the opportunity to expand their world perspective, while living and attending classes together. This selective community is designed to ease transition to university life and improve the overall student experience by enhancing student academic performance and providing opportunities for student engagement and networking on a global level. Designed for ambitious, high-achieving students with leadership acumen and an interest in business on an international scale, LeBow’s GLC provides first-year students with a built-in community of learners and a current and future professional network.

All GLC members live together in Kelly Hall.

Advantages of GLC membership

  • Dedicated professional staff
  • Group Me app connection with first-year professors and peers
  • Siblings Program – first-year students paired with GLC alumni for monthly dinners
  • Society of Artistic Minds (SAM) group participation
  • Corporate site visits
  • Peer-led academic support
  • Social interaction with students at universities outside the US
  • Annual trip to Washington DC
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Community engagement
  • Social activities and outings

Global Classroom Experience

Being part of the GLC automatically places you in a global classroom section of your first-year business courses: BUSN 101 and BUSN 102. In the global classroom, you will enjoy a smaller class size and engage in a virtual classroom experience. Professors Dana D'Angelo and Jodi Cataline lead LeBow’s global classroom experience which allows students to have an international and intercultural experience without ever leaving campus.

Through interactive technology, GLC students engage with students in an Introduction to Entrepreneurship class at the University of Leeds (UK), led by Emilee Simmons, PhD. The GLC Engages in two collaborative ventures with the University of Leeds. The first project is a marketing project poised to pitch an innovative product or idea that would be accepted in both United States and United Kingdom markets. This project lasts for six weeks, is integrated into the first term freshmen curriculum and is judged by panelists including alumni, business owners and faculty with both Drexel and Leeds.

The second project is a collaborative simulation mission where students in teams run a virtual company that is integrated into one business from two virtual locations. Drexel and Leeds students tactically and strategically tackle issues such as decision-making, communication and goal setting for their organization.

Course instructors allow students to utilize class time to Skype with their group members from Leeds. Students are also given time to get to know their international peers, determine strengths and divide work accordingly. Each of the professors provide guidance throughout, offering suggestions and asking questions of group members as they generate ideas and plan their pitches.

Note: LeBow students accepted into the Pennoni Honors College are automatically enrolled in the global classroom. However, other students interested in honors status may still apply to the GLC with the Global Classroom and consider applying separately to Pennoni during its next application phase in winter term.