Corporate Services

Corporate Partners discussing during meeting

Engage With LeBow

Engagement with Drexel LeBow leads to strong, strategic relationships with students, faculty and industry. By joining forces to create mutually beneficial relationships, organizations that partner with us gain access to our world-class research, highly-skilled and motivated students, alumni, research and innovative programming offered both on campus and online.

Opportunities for engagement include:

  • Corporate Relations and Executive Education – Open enrollment and custom training solutions
  • Innovation Accelerator Projects – Turn theory, insights and experience into impactful action via faculty led projects that guide purposefully selected leadership cohorts through an accelerated project-based experience to achieve strategic innovation.
  • Business Consulting Projects – Graduate or undergraduate students provide analysis and recommendations for business challenges with guidance from faculty.
  • Recruitment – Hire an upcoming or recent LeBow graduate. Or, hire an undergraduate co-op, or at the MBA/MS level, a graduate intern or C-Suite Co-op.
  • Research Collaboration – Use-inspired research led by faculty experts can lead to an array of collaborations and innovations within industry.
  • Center for Corporate Governance – The region’s leading director education and board training provided by governance experts
  • Institute for Strategic Leadership – Collaborate on leadership research
  • Solutions Centers (Neuro-Business and Business Analytics) – We create and implement solutions to key business challenges
  • Events – Programing, guest lecturing, speakers, engagement with LeBow’s student Learning Communities.
  • Mentor a graduate student
  • Advisory board membership