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#WebinarWeek - MS Economics

This is an online event.

Webinar Week
Learn about the Master of Science programs during Drexel LeBow Webinar Week.

Interested applicants can register one time and attend one or all of the webinars taking place from March 27-March 31 at 9am EST. Anyone who attends a webinar will be provided an application fee waiver code to waive the application fee as a thank you for attending.

Webinar Schedule
Monday, March 27 - MS Business Analytics
Tuesday, March 28 - MS Marketing
Wednesday, March 29 - MS Finance and MS Accounting
Thursday, March 30 - MS Economics
Friday, March 31 - MS Supply Chain Management & Logistics

To attend the webinar(s), please us the following link:

Please note that all webinars will begin at 9am EST on the day scheduled. If you have any questions, feel free to contact David Dams at

Who should attend?


  • Students
    • Prospective Students
    • Accepted Students
    • Confirmed Students


  • Graduate
    • Masters
      • MS in Economics


  • Economics