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Research is a central focus at Drexel LeBow. Our faculty are regularly published in top tier and highly respected journals across the country and internationally. Below is a regularly updated listing of the most recently published research. For additional information on LeBow’s research initiatives, contact Raj Suri, associate dean of research, at

Recent Works

Lee, Jinwook, Computing the probability of union in the n-dimensional Euclidean space for application of the multivariate quantile: p-level efficient points. Operations Research Letters (Forthcoming)

Guo, Hui, Wu, Chaojiang, and Yu, Yan, Time-Varying Beta and the Value Premium. Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis (Forthcoming)

Chang, Hsihui, Kao, Y., Mashruwala, R., and Sorensen, S, Technical Inefficiency, Allocative Inefficiency, and Audit Pricing. Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance (Forthcoming)

Dimitrova, Boryana V., Rosebloom, Bert, Andras, Trina Larsen, and Kim, Saejoon, Retail Internationalization: A Review and Directions for Future Research. Journal of Marketing Channels (Forthcoming)

Gefen, David, and Larsen, Kai R., Controlling for Lexical Closeness in Survey Research: A Demonstration on the Technology Acceptance Model. Journal of the Association for Information Systems (Forthcoming)

Jeon, Bang Nam, Zheng, DaZhi, and Zhu, Lei, Exchange-Rate Exposure: International Evidence from Daily Firm-Level Data. Journal of Economic Integration 2017 (Forthcoming)

Hall, Curtis, and Lusch, Stephen J., Strategic Cost Shifting and State Tax Minimization. Journal of Management Accounting Research (Forthcoming)

Warnock, Scott, Rouse, Nicholas, Finnin, Christoper, Linnehan, Frank, and Dryer, Dylan, Evaluating Curricular Change: A 7-year Assessment of Undergraduate Business Student Writing. Journal of Business and Technical Communication (Dec 2016): 1-33.

Liechty, Merrill, and Saglam, Umit, Revealed Preferences for Portfolio Selection - Does Skewness Matter?. Applied Economic Letters (Forthcoming)

Hammoudeh, Shawkat, Hernandez, Jose, Al-Janabi, M., and Nguyen, D. K, Global financial crisis and dependence risk analysis of sector portfolios: a vine copula approach. Applied Economics (Forthcoming)

Hammoudeh, Shawkat, Mensi, W., Yoon, M. S., and Sensoy, A., Analyzing dynamic linkages and hedging strategies between Islamic and conventional sector equity indexes. Applied Economics (Forthcoming)

Zablah, Alex, Sirianni, Nancy, Korschun, Daniel, Beatty, Sharon, and Gremler, Dwayne, Emotional Convergence in Service Relationships: The Shared Frontline Experience of Customers and Employees. Journal of Service Research (Spring 2017):

Barnett, Richard C., Bhattacharya, Joydeep, and Bunzel, Helle, Do the Joneses make you financially vulnerable?. Arthaniti Journal (Forthcoming)

Zhong, Hao, Liu, Chuanren, Zhong, Junwei, and Xiong, Hui, Which Startup to Invest in: A Personalized Portfolio Strategy. Annals of Operations Research (Forthcoming)

LaRosa, Juli B., Closing the Circuit with Management Teaching Review (Forthcoming)

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