Bryant Okoroji Turns Internship Into Opportunity

For Bryant Okoroji, an MBA summer internship at Simon Property Group turned into a full-time landing after graduation in the company’s corporate management training program in Indianapolis, Ind., where he will analyze potential mergers, acquisitions, dispositions and development projects.

Knowing he wanted to work in real estate, Okoroji set out to build a resume while studying for his MBA; he also gained experiences at Campus Apartments and Balfour Beatty Investments.

He says he is prepared for the challenges that lie ahead thanks in part to his favorite class: Strategic Management with Assistant Professor Mazhar Islam. He says it taught him to think on his toes and analyze decisions from a top-management perspective. “It didn’t hurt that he was an expert at the cold call. It really forced us to come to class prepared and created a great classroom dynamic.”

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