Hsihui Chang

Candid photo of Hsihui Chang

Areas of Expertise

  • Audit Quality
  • Corporate Disclosure
  • Cost Management
  • Information Technology
  • Performance Measurement

Selected Works


Chang, Hsihui, Kao, Y., Mashruwala, R., and Sorensen, S, Technical Inefficiency, Allocative Inefficiency, and Audit Pricing. Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance (Forthcoming)

Chang, Hsihui, Banker, R, and Zheng, E, On the Use of Super-Efficiency Procedures for Ranking Efficient Units and Identifying Outliers. Annals of Operations Research 25 (Apr 2017): 21-35.

Chang, Hsihui, Huang, T., and Chiou, J., Audit market concentration, audit fees, and audit quality: evidence from China. Auditing: A Journal of Practice & Theory 35 (May 2016): 121-145.

Chang, Hsihui, Choy, Hiu Lam, and Hwang, Iny, An Empirical Study of Returns to Scale of CPA Firms in the Post SOX Era. Annals of Operations Research 229 (Aug 2015): 253-264.

Chang, Hsihui, Ittner, C, and Paz, M, The Multiple Roles of the Finance Organization: Determinants, Effectiveness,. Journal of Management Accounting Research 26 (Dec 2014): 1-32.

Chang, Hsihui, Banker, R., and Feroz, E, Performance Measurement in Not-for-Profit Governance: An Empirical Study of the Minnesota Independent School Districts. Annals of Operations Research 221 (Sep 2014): 47-71.

Chang, Hsihui, Chen, J, Chen, H, and Kim, S, The Effect of Supply Chain Knowledge Spillovers on Audit Pricing. Journal of Management Accounting Research 26 (Apr 2014): 83-100.

Chang, Hsihui, Fernando, G., Srinivasan, D., and Tripathy, A., A Re-examination of Diversification and Firm Productivity. Journal of Management Accounting Research 25 (Dec 2013): 99-118.


PhD Accounting - University of Minnesota United States 1994


2010 Outstanding Paper Award Winner (Emerald Literati Network, U.K. )