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In a roomful of MBA students looking hesitant and perhaps a bit out of place, Samantha Ortiz jumps up when the tango instructor asks for a volunteer. While Ortiz is charged with ensuring that all 44 MBA students benefit from a well-planned residency in Buenos Aires, Argentina, demonstrating the tango is not part of her job description. But Ortiz doesn’t hesitate. Following the impressive demonstration, the instructor says in his thick accent, “You’re a dan-cer!” At least she used to be.
Drexel LeBow took first place in the ACG Cup case competition in 2011 and 2012, and we’d like to continue our winning streak and make it three-for-three.
Victor Abiamiri, a former defensive end for the Philadelphia Eagles, was a second round draft pick out of Notre Dame in 2007. This year, when he became a free agent, he joined a new team – Drexel LeBow’s one-year MBA cohort.
First Round Capital, one of the nation’s most successful early startup investment firms, has announced the creation of a $500,000 Dorm Room Fund to be run by Drexel University and University of Pen

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Wed. Apr. 15th. @ 06:00pm

In the past six months we have witnessed numerous changes in the global landscape- a booming but volatile US stock market, 50% decline in oil prices, a surging dollar, 30% depreciation of the Russian Rubble, and a weak and stagnant European Union. This presentation will offer insights on future trends and global economic developments that impact all of us.