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Available Software

Software available to LeBow College of Business faculty and PhDs.


Statistical software for time-series oriented econometric analysis.
available only on Windows OS


Mathematical software for matrix manipulations, plotting of functions and data, implementation of algorithms, creating of user interafaces and interfacing with programs written in other languages such as C, C++ and Java.

Microsoft Project

Project management software designed to assist project managers in developing a plan, assigning resources, tracking progress, manageing budgets and analyzing workloads.
available only on Windows OS

Microsoft Visio

Graphics software used for diagramming, spatial design and vector graphics.
available only on Windows OS


Statistical software used for basic statistics, regression analysis, quality analysis, experiment design, control charts and product reliability and survival.

SPSS (with Amos, AnswerTree, Data Entry Builder, Deltagraph and Sample Power)

Statistical software used for a wide range of statistical analysis.


Microsft Excel add-in used to create worksheets that use in-worksheet calculations.


Statistical software to mine, alter, manage, analyze and retreive data from a variety of sources.
available only on Windows OS


General purpose statistical software used for data mangement, stastistical analysis, graphics, simulations, regression analysis and custom programming.

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