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Edit Mode


When instructors are logged into their Bb LEARN course shell, they are usually working with Edit Mode ON for the majority of the time. Edit Mode is exactly what its name implies. With Edit Mode ON, instructors can edit or otherwise make changes, additions, and deletions from their course.

Edit Mode is controlled by a switch in the upper right corner of the page, just below your name. Typically, Edit Mode will default to whichever position it was in when you last left the course shell, but there could be times where it may be flipped on or off due to a system update.

Screen capture showing the location of Edit Mode button

One common Edit Mode-related problem instructors encounter is that they can’t add or edit course content if Edit Mode is OFF. The Build buttons that are usually located at the top of a folder (Build Content, Assessments, etc.) will disappear whenever Edit Mode is OFF. If you notice that those options do not appear for you, check to see whether your Edit Mode is ON or OFF. When you turn it ON, those buttons should reappear, and you will be able to add to and edit your course shell as usual.

If Edit Mode is OFF and you want to turn it back on, click on the gray OFF button. It will change and read “ON.”

Image 1 - Edit Mode ON

Screen capture of what the page looks like with Edit Mode ON

Image 2 - Edit Mode OFF

Screen capture of what the page looks like with Edit Mode OFF

Notice in Image 1 – where Edit Mode is on – there is an unavailable assignment that is visible. Unavailable assignments cannot be seen by students, only instructors. But in Image 2 –when Edit Mode is off – this assignment is no longer visible. Turning Edit Mode OFF can be a quick way to check and see what is visible or hidden to students in a specific folder. However, if you would like to interact with tools in LEARN, such as discussions or quizzes, from the students’ perspective, you will want to use Student Preview Mode instead.

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