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Requesting Bb LEARN Course Shells


Blackboard LEARN course shells are 100% empty when they are created. At LeBow, there are several templates which can be added to a course shell to give instructors a more user-friendly space to add content such as the syllabus, assignments, and lecture slides.

Drexel IRT typically creates course shells around week 5 of the previous term. Every course and independent study is given its own course space in Bb LEARN. The image below shows what a newly-created course looks like. Notice this course is totally blank and has a blue sidebar menu. Requesting a LeBow course starter template can add some basic structure to your course and provide places to post your standard content.

Screen capture of blank course shell

This is what a newly-created course looks like. Notice it is blank and has a blue sidebar.

The following video discusses the LeBow LEARN Course Templates and what features you can expect if you request a template for your course.

The LeBow Course Template

Other Course Setup Options

However, if you have taught a section of a class previously in Bb LEARN, you can reuse that structure in your upcoming term. This is known as performing a “course copy.”

Instructors who would like to use either the template or have a previous course copied into a future course shell should get in touch with LeBow InTech by filling out the form at the following link:

It is important to use this form as it helps the LeBow InTech team identify exactly what is needed for your course and prevents you from having to do extra work in the first weeks of the term because you didn’t get exactly the setup you wanted.