Faculty and Staff development

Faculty and Staff Development

LeBow is committed to fostering an inclusive environment for faculty and staff by encouraging the exchange of ideas and promoting awareness through trainings, conferences and discussion opportunities.

Previous trainings and discussion opportunities include:

  • Pressure Points Series
  • Supporting Neurodiverse Students on Campus
  • Silence Breakers, #MeToo, and More: A Lunchtime Conversation About Sexual Harassment

Do you have suggestions for trainings or discussion opportunities you would like to see offered? Please email

Drexel’s Office of Equality & Diversity Training Opportunities

Drexel’s Office of Equality & Diversity offers the following online trainings available to Drexel faculty and professional staff through Career Pathway. Trainings include:

  • LGBTQ+ Ally Training
  • Understanding Title IX at Drexel
  • Recognizing & Mitigating Implicit Bias
  • Preventing Escalation with Conflict Resolution Skills

You can navigate to these programs by logging into Career Pathway and typing the title of the desired program into the search bar in the upper right corner of the screen.