Dana and David Dornsife Office for Experiential Learning

Consulting Opportunities

Consulting Courses

Consulting courses through the Dornsife Office for Experiential Learning focus on business problem solving through project-based learning. In these courses, students equip themselves with skills to effectively frame a problem, model a solution and communicate their findings. Acting as student consultants throughout the quarter, teams conduct research and analyses to form insights and recommendations for an organization’s business challenges, then present their work at the conclusion of the course.

Students will develop and build sought-after competencies including: complex problem-solving, creativity, project management, emotional intelligence, decision-making, cognitive flexibility, communication, collaboration, confidence in industry interaction, and commercial awareness. 

Undergraduate Consulting

Undergraduate students consult for a variety of for-profit, nonprofit, and startup organizations. Students can also earn a minor in Business Consulting and travel abroad.

Students working together on a consulting project

Graduate Consulting

Through project-based learning, students provide solutions to organizations, equipping them with business problem-solving skills to advance their careers.

Graduate students consulting with clients