Elea Feit, PhD in the News

Elea Feit, PhD in the News

Rooting for Marketing Research

via Research World

Elea Feit, assistant professor of marketing, is highlighted for her research and development of the “test and roll” method for A/B tests that optimize sample size, creating marketing tools that can serve as risk management for companies.

Data Science Is The Key To Marketing ROI - Here's How To Nail It

via Forbes

Assistant Professor of Marketing Elea Feit highlights how data analytics can be used to assess the effectiveness of new marketing strategies.

Drexel professor teamed up with Google for research project. Here's what they found out.

via Philadelphia Business Journal

Research by assistant professor of marketing Elea McDonnell Feit and co-authors on the relationship between Google search results and brand reputation is covered in the Philadelphia Business Journal.

Retail Could Make Better Use of Customer Analytics

via CMS Wire

Assistant professor of marketing Elea Feit comments on areas where retailers are using smart customer analytics and how they can still improve.