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How to Access Datastream

Datastream is a historical financial database with over 35 million individual instruments or indicators across all major asset classes, including 8.5 million active economic indicators. It features 65 years of data, across 175 countries – the information and tools you need to interpret market trends, economic cycles, and the impact of world events.

Unique content includes I/B/E/S Estimates aggregates, Worldscope Fundamentals Point in Time data, and Reuters Polls.

Data spans bond indices, bonds, commodities, convertibles, credit default swaps, derivatives, economics, energy, equities, equity indices, ESG, estimates, exchange rates, fixed income, funds, fundamentals, interest rates, and investment trusts.

Before You Begin

The LeBow license for Datastream is reserved for faculty and PhD students and only allows 1 user at a time to access the data. As such, if another user is accessing Datastream, you may have to wait until they have finished.

Accessing Datastream

  1. Browse to
  2. When prompted, sign in to Drexel One using your Drexel credentials.
  3. From the CATALOG tab, select OPEN under the option for Datastream 5.1.
  4. If prompted again, enter your Drexel credentials to complete the sign-in process.

For more information on using the LeBow vLab, refer to

When Finished

Close the Datastream 5.1 window to end your session, freeing up the software for another user.

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