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Why Get Your MBA Degree?

Earning your Master’s Degree in Business Administration, or MBA, can help you further your career in any business-related discipline.

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Financing Your MBA: Student Loans, Scholarships and More

Paying for higher education may seem challenging, but Drexel LeBow has resources in place to provide you with information on how to obtain financing.

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When Is the Best Time to Get Your MBA Degree?

There is no perfect time to get an MBA, but the best time is whenever you are ready. Explore the reasons to pursue your MBA at any stage.

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How to Get an MBA and Advance Your Career

If you’re considering pursuing an MBA degree, get prepared with these tips.

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Digital Analytics 101: Setting Up Baseline Google Analytics Web Tracking

Digital Marketing guru, Patrick Strickler, gives an introductory course on using Google Analytics to understand web traffic on your site.

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SEO 101: What is Search Engine Optimization, Really?

If you use Google, Bing or any other search engine, you’ve encountered the results of SEO. Simple Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) typically contain two types of results:

selling with content marketing

The Fundamentals of Great Content Strategy

This particular aspect of marketing, which involves creating and sharing unique online material, is a tactic many businesses are implementing to boost their sales targets.

Branding 101

Branding 101: Five Essential Strategies You Should Implement Today

Today more than ever, the companies and organizations that are paying close attention to their brand and the experience it offers in the marketplace are the ones who are winning wallet share, market share, and customer admiration share.

Financial Choice

Finance vs. Financial Analysis – Which Program is Right for Me?

If you’re considering studies in the field of finance, it may be difficult to know which degree program is the right fit for your goals. Drexel LeBow offers two graduate programs that provide specialized training in the realm of finance with key differences that provide more specialization.


BSBA vs. BBA Degree - What’s the Difference?

Curious about the difference between a BBA and a BSBA degree? Learn more about the course offerings and career opportunities each degree can afford.

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How to Jumpstart Your Career in Supply Chain Management

The field of supply chain management is expansive, encompassing a wide variety of industries and roles and offering many sectors of growth. Find out how you can enter this growing industry as it continues to expand.

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EMBA vs MBA: Which Is Right for Me?

Setting yourself apart in today’s business world is a difficult challenge. But for committed professionals looking to advance their careers and diversify their skillsets, an MBA or Executive MBA degree may be the perfect option.


How to Master the Art of Networking (Even if You’re an Introvert!)

Even if you are well established in your job and have no plans of moving or advancing your career soon, networking is a valuable tool that you should prioritize.

Resume 101

Resume 101

Your resume is your first introduction to the company of your dreams. Make sure you leave a good first impression.


What Is the Future of Blockchain, and How Should Companies Use it?

Blockchain technology could conceivably change the way transactions are processed. Experts from LeBow and SEI consider its future applications.

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Four Careers for the Real Estate Grad

If you’re still undecided about your major and looking for a career, Real Estate Management and Development is a great option to consider.

Marketing traits

Five Traits Marketing Employers Seek

Clinical Professor Michael Howley shares the top 5 traits marketing executives are looking for in potential employees.

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Three Qualities of an Analytical Leader

Given organizations’ growing adoption of a data-driven approach to work, the ability for individuals to influence in an environment where decisions are based on big data and technology is becoming increasingly important.

Salary Negotiation

Top Tips for Salary Negotiation

Students often ask me how to go about negotiating a salary. It’s something that doesn’t come naturally to many (myself included), but it is a part of the job search process that should not be missed.

Business Analytics Career Paths

Find a Role in Data: Four Career Paths in Business Analytics

Whether you’re entering or advancing your career in business analytics, these four levels of professional roles will help you explore potential trajectories as a MS Business Analytics graduate.


The Best Questions To Ask During Your Graduate Business School Interview

The choice to pursue an graduate degree is a big one. Use these questions to find out more about a potential program and show the admissions team you have done your homework.

Asking Questions

Questions You May Be Asked During a Grad School Admissions Interview

Review this list of questions that might come up on a grad school interview to be prepared to wow the admissions team.

Writing a Statement of Purpose

Top 10 Tips for Writing a PhD Statement of Purpose

LeBow’s PhD program director shares his advice on writing a strong personal statement for admission into doctoral programs in business and economics.


Relational Networking: Not Just Collecting Contacts

When it comes to networking to make your next career move, it’s not always about who you know, but rather who knows you.

Career Transition

Five Steps To Effective Career Transition

If you are interested in changing careers or industries, take these steps now for a successful career transition.