PhD Resources

Academic Status

Full-Time/Part-Time Status

Graduate students are considered to be full-time if they meet the following criteria:

  • Register for nine or more credits for any three quarters in an academic year

All other graduate students are considered part-time.

In Absentia Status

PhD candidates who have completed all coursework and residency requirements, who will not be using campus facilities, but may occasionally consult with their supervising professor, may request in absentia status. Such requests take the form of a letter from the student, with the support of the supervising professor and graduate adviser indicated by their signatures or accompanying letters. The Graduate Studies Office grants final approval. Doctoral candidates in absentia must register for one credit each term they are in this status. Doctoral candidates may not be considered in absentia during the term in which they defend their dissertation.

Leave of Absence

Doctoral students may take time off from their studies for family or medical emergency, military service or other extenuating cause. The time clock does not stop except for military service. Students will be expected to finish the degree in the normal time allotted.