Enter the Research Conversation with Accounting PhD Candidate Hanyong Chung

Hanyong Chung

Enter the Research Conversation with Hanyong Chung

Does coverage by analysts during the pre-merger and acquisition announcement period affect analysts’ post-M&A earnings forecast accuracy?

I predict an information advantage effect of analysts; the coverage on acquirer and/or target during the pre-M&A announcement period helps analysts to generate more accurate earnings forecasts on the post-M&A firm by utilizing the incremental value-relevant information of acquirer and/or target than the analysts who have covered neither. Furthermore, I expect a stronger information advantage effect when the acquirer and target are in the same industry or customer-supplier relationship.

This research is important especially to financial analysts, because it introduces a new determinant of analysts forecast accuracy, the coverage on the acquirer and/or target during the pre-M&A announcement period.

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PhD Candidate

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Financial accounting

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Seoul, South Korea

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I like traveling (more than 20 countries around the world) and watching detective/thriller movies.

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