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When a consumer walks into a retail store, it’s assumed that each product will be listed with a price and the store will stock a set level of inventory. But how does a retailer come up with those prices and inventory levels? How did the manufacturer determine the price they charged the retailer for the goods?

If the retailer and the manufacturer are only looking at their own profits, their decisions on pricing may not be best for the profits of the entire supply chain. One of the goals of my research is to find what level of inventory or pricing would be optimal for each entity while performing the best for the whole supply chain’s profits.

To answer these questions, one has to consider the manufacturer, third-party suppliers, retailers and end customers. The results of my research can inform all of these entities when they’re facing questions about supply chain configuration and pricing.


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Operations and Business Analytics

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Supply chain pricing and inventory

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I am a "crazy dog lover."

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