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Is there cross-hedging among subsidiaries under same parent bank holding companies? If so, how is it done and what are the costs and benefits?

My research shows that large subsidiaries are likely to hedge interest rate risk with derivatives for the smaller subsidiaries in the same group. Bank holding companies (BHCs) with better access to external capital markets, such as the equity, bond, and commercial paper markets, are more likely to have cross hedging among subsidiaries. Furthermore, in my on going research, I expect BHCs with cross hedging will experience lower interest income volatility and be less affected by monetary policy.

My research provides yet one more reason why we should not divide large bank holding companies into many small banks. In addition, my findings provide guidance on how to efficiently manage the interest rate risk of subsidiaries as a whole and coordinate risk management teams among subsidiaries to hedge interest rate risk with derivatives.


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Financial intermediation, banking and risk management

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