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PhD Candidate Blythe Rosikiewicz

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How can competitive situations in the workplace affect both individual and team outcomes?

My research looks at how individuals respond to competitive situations and whether there are other factors, such as personality traits, types of leadership or team characteristics, that change how employees respond to competition at work. Previous research focuses on the more negative outcomes of competition, so I examine situations based on other workplace factors. I want to better understand when and how interpersonal competition can motivate employees to perform at their highest potential.

Competition may have a negative connotation associated with it, and some people do not flourish in competitive situations. Therefore, it is important for supervisors and managers to be cognizant of that aspect. At the same time competitive situations can be great motivators and push people to perform beyond their own expectations. Athletic competition is a great example of the positive impact of competition. This observation suggests that a person’s reactions to competitive situations seen at work may not be that different from how that person would respond on the field.


PhD Candidate

Area of Research

Interpersonal competition in the workplace

Area of Research

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Westminster, Maryland

Fast Fact

I was a competitive swimmer for 15 years and once swam 4.4 miles to cross the Chesapeake Bay.

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