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PhD student Donghwi Seo

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How do organizational boundary conditions and individual characteristics affect the way both organizations and individuals learn?

For firms whose competitive advantage mainly derives from knowledge, knowing the effective way of managing knowledge when recruiting talented people at the organizational level is very important. My research gives important lessons about the collaborative organizational environments of those firms gaining a new employee: it helps them to learn better than those with less collaborative environments. In addition, I further investigate how this effect might differ depending on the collaborative organizational environment of the firm that is losing an employee, which has not been studied so far.

Recently, we can see lots of individual mobility events among firms – including spin-out events with the founding of new ventures – especially in knowledge-intensive industries. Since knowledge is critically important for firms competing to gain and sustain competitive advantage, investigating the effect of organizational boundary conditions and individual characteristics on variances in organizational learning will have important implications for both scholars and practitioners who are interested in human capital as a source of competitive advantage.

PhD Candidate


PhD Candidate


Organizational Behavior and Strategy

Area of Research

Strategic human capital and organizational learning


Seoul, South Korea

Fast Fact

I love to travel: One of my greatest memories is a monthlong trip to Spain that I took before getting into the PhD program at LeBow. I still sometimes recall the beautiful memory of the Alhambra when I’m tired from studying. Also, I love the outdoors, including riding a bike along Kelly Drive.

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