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Anubhav Aggarwal

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How can organizations manage crises that result from taking a political position?

Conventional wisdom is that businesses should stay away from politics. Yet, we see many recent cases in which companies have taken a public stand on political issues such as gay marriage, abortion and immigration. Companies are engaging in politics despite the risk of displeasing at least a part of its customer base. Intuitively, it seems to be much safer to stay out of such controversial issues. My research challenges this notion and argues that sometimes staying out of a political issue can pose a greater threat to a company’s reputation than taking a stand.

My research explores the role of stakeholder attitudes and behaviors in crisis management from a social identity and group theory perspectives. The findings of my research will provide marketers with a framework to predict stakeholder reactions to corporate political activism and prepare for any potential backlash.


PhD Candidate



Area of Research

Customer and employee reaction to corporate political activism

Area of Research

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New Delhi, India

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I can't do any work after the sun goes down, and I only cook once per year.

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