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How does a model’s posture in advertisements affect individual consumers’ processing of price information?

Many studies in marketing and advertising have shown that the appearance of a model affects consumers’ preferences toward advertised products. However, no empirical research has ever investigated if the posture of the model can influence consumers’ price processing.

My research shows that different types of models’ poses in advertisements may influence consumers’ price processing. For example, an expansive and open posture makes the consumer look less at the face and upper body and focus more on the lower body of the model. Therefore, consumers process the prices of items that the model is wearing on one’s lower body (e.g., shoes, pants) first, then they try to process the prices of items worn on one’s upper body (e.g., eye glasses, earrings). On the flip side, consumers look more at the face and upper body when the model takes a stand with contractive and closed posture. In a such case, consumers initially process the prices of items worn on the model’s upper body.


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Area of Research

Behavioral pricing in consumer decision making

Area of Research

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Seoul, South Korea

Fast Fact

I used to be a stock broker in South Korea, managing assets of more than $10 million dollars.

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