Graduate Advising

Academic Honesty

Drexel University is committed to academic honesty and protecting members of its community from the results of dishonest conduct. Any action that undermines the pursuit of knowledge is unacceptable. All stakeholders in the educational process should observe professional standards regarding issues of courtesy, honesty, plagiarism, confidentiality, scholarship, punctuality and participation in classes.

The University has outlined four categories of academic dishonesty: academic misconduct, cheating, fabrication and plagiarism. LeBow Students are expected to be honest in all written or oral statements. The student will not misrepresent any material fact to other students, faculty, staff, or anyone else while representing himself or herself as a member of the LeBow community. If a student is suspected of violating the academic honesty policy, the faculty member will notify the student and seek an explanation. The faculty member will investigate to determine whether a violation has occurred. Should it be determined that a violation has occurred, the faculty member will follow the University’s academic dishonesty policy and procedures. For additional details surrounding academic polices, students are encouraged to refer to the Provost’s policy website