Strategic Technology & Innovation Management Curriculum

MBA With a Concentration in Strategic Technology & Innovation Management Careers Paths

Career Options: What Can I Do with an MBA with a Concentration in STIM?

The STIM concentration in MBA provides you with the skills necessary to build competitive strategic intelligence in technology and innovation across a broad swath of businesses. Graduates with the STIM concentration will possess the skills well-suited for not only technology-focused companies and startups, but also consulting firms and employers in established industries that seek to take advantage of new technologies or are facing massive technological disruption.

A key strength of this concentration is to offer students with or without technological backgrounds to gain the capability to understand and lead in the management of innovation and technology in present-day organizations. Our primary goal is to provide pathways for students to become champions and leaders of organizational and technological innovation in their respective professions.

With the constantly evolving landscape of business and technology, more and more exciting career opportunities are created for those who possess both technological savviness and strategic acumen. The possibilities are numerous in areas such as technology consulting, intellectual property management, R&D management, product management, and competitive and market research, to name a few.

MBA with a Concentration in STIM Career Options and Salaries

Although not a comprehensive list, the STIM concentration can provide a springboard for a student interested in the careers as listed below:

  • Technology analyst and consultant, Average Salary: $78,619
  • Technology manager, Average Salary: $98,113
  • Product/Brand manager, Average Salary: $95,426

These are but a few of the many options available to the graduates. As the skillset gained from this degree can be applied to a large variety of industries and organizations, salary and career outcomes vary across career paths.