Master of Science (MS) in Finance

Combine Analytical Skills with Strategic Perspectives

Update to Drexel LeBow’s MS in Finance Program: At Drexel LeBow, we continually evaluate our programs to ensure they are innovative, future-focused and aligned with student and industry needs. To better serve our students, our MS in Finance program is undergoing a review and is not currently accepting applications. However, graduate students looking to further their education in finance, have the option to pursue the MBA with a concentration in finance.

Options for Graduate Students

MBA with a Concentration in Finance

LeBow’s MBA concentrations allow you to take a more thorough exploration of the discipline of your choice. By combining these courses with the core MBA courses you get to explore your area of interest while also becoming well-versed in other disciplines and studies.

Adding a concentration in finance to your MBA plan of study is ideal if you know what you want to do with your career and you want to build a stronger skill base in that area. An MBA with a concentration in finance can also take you beyond the financial realm and help you branch out to areas such as digital marketing, real estate, business analytics, social innovation, and health care.

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Graduate Minors

Graduate minors highlight Drexel’s collaborative and interdisciplinary spirit by offering interrelated graduate-level courses outside of major graduate programs. Complement your degree with a minor in digital finance.

A minor in finance develops students’ ability to allocate funds to their highest valued use. This minor provides a base understanding of how businesses raise and invest capital, how individuals allocate their savings and invest and how markets function to support the business of any industry and any field of study.

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A full list of optional graduate minors can be found in the Drexel Course Catalog.

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Options for Undergraduate Students

BS/MBA Dual Degree Program

Academically qualified Drexel undergraduate students can earn both a bachelor’s degree and an MBA in five years. Graduating with an MBA and an undergraduate degree provides students with a competitive edge when entering the job market, and the accelerated program offers the added benefit of a shorter time to completion.

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