Master of Science (MS) in Supply Chain Management and Logistics

Supply Chain Industry Insights Series

The Supply Chain Industry Insights series provides the opportunity for the LeBow community to gain a better understanding of the opportunities and challenges facing the supply chain industry. Executives discuss their roles, their current initiatives and practices, and the future direction of their organizations.

A Conversation with Chris Lewis, Executive Vice President of Supply Chain for Retail Business Services

Drexel LeBow interviews Chris Lewis, Executive Vice President of Supply Chain for Retail Business Services, about building and acquiring new distribution centers, omnichannel supply chain and grocery store customer behavior during a pandemic.

Truck delivering groceries

A Conversation With Kevin Whitehead, Senior Director of Supply Chain Operations at Nordstrom

Drexel LeBow interviews Kevin Whitehead at Nordstrom about his role as supply chain leader, the role of data, and the impact of COVID-19.

Nordstrom Image

A Conversation With Ryan Savage, COO at VitaCup

Ryan Savage, COO at VitaCup, discusses the company’s distribution model, quality assurance and positioning within the market.

Ryan Savage, COO at VitaCup

A Conversation with David Morris, SVP Merchandising/Inventory Management and Supply Chain at Icahn Automotive

Drexel LeBow interviews David Morris, senior vice president of merchandising/inventory management and supply chain at Icahn Automotive, about demand forecasting, building a successful career in supply chain management and the key priorities of his role as SVP.

Icahn Auto

A Conversation With Tim Jordan, Group Director of Supply Chain at AmeriGas

Drexel LeBow interviews Group Director of Supply Chain at AmeriGas Tim Jordan to discuss how the organization has digitized its supply chain.

Supply Chain QA Gas Truck

A Conversation With Supply Chain Executives at Lehigh Valley Health Network

Drexel LeBow interviews supply chain executives from Lehigh Valley Health Network to discuss supply chain in service organizations, balancing the opinions of the purchasing team and physicians, and how they optimize processes at their organization.

Supply Chain Animation LHVN

A Conversation with John DiLenge, Director of Global Supply Chain at Rita’s Italian Ice

Drexel LeBow interviews Rita’s Italian Ice Director of Global Supply Chain John DiLenge to discuss his role, the challenges of a “cold” supply chain, and how franchises influence supply chain management.

Rita's Ice Cream Supply Chain Vector Image

A Conversation with Sara Rosa-Strollo, Supply Chain Capacity Planner at Campbell’s Soup Company

Drexel LeBow interviews Sara Rosa-Strollo at Campbell’s Soup Company about her role as a supply chain capacity planner, her background in finance, and the impact of disruptive technologies on the industry.

Campbells Supply Chain

A Conversation with Paul Myler, VP of Supply Chain at KIND Snacks

Drexel LeBow interviews Paul Myler of KIND Snacks to discuss his role, the unique challenges facing a snack supply chain, and managing multiple distribution channels.

Supply Chain Kind