Executive MBA ​Program (EMBA)

Leadership Development Executive MBA Student Presenting

EMBA Leadership Development Curriculum

LeBow College faculty spend years studying the science of leadership development, and they are experts at applying their findings to the practice of leadership in the real world. As you earn your Executive MBA, you will complete leadership-focused coursework including a customized leadership assessment developed and delivered by Drexel LeBow faculty experts.

Students in the Drexel LeBow Executive MBA program explore and apply the core business disciplines of finance, economics, accounting and strategic thinking. In order to make this new-found expertise count, specific courses, workshops and modules are designed to develop and refine your executive leadership skills in areas like vision, adaptability, collaboration, communication, negotiations and ethical awareness.

At LeBow, we understand that leadership is developed not just in the coursework aimed at developing leadership specifically. All of the courses in the program give opportunities to show where leadership can be applied in many different scenarios. The collaborative and creative culture encourages a building of shared leadership skills in an environment where it is safe to test these principles. In the end, the combination of enhanced business knowledge and acquired executive leadership skills will transform you and your business vocabulary and change the way you are perceived in your organization.