Experiential Learning for Graduate Students

Professor teaching students in a group

Graduate Consulting Experiences

Drexel LeBow’s business consulting courses enable students to work in teams with faculty and peers to develop business solutions for organizations. Students are exposed to various industries, learning about initiatives and challenges across fields such as energy, sports, pharmaceutical, retail and manufacturing.

Through project-based courses, students develop and build sought-after competencies including complex problem solving, critical thinking, decision making, collaboration, communication and an understanding of research methods and techniques. In addition to working closely with faculty, students also interact with and present to industry leaders from partner organizations.

Courses offered:
BUSN 715: Business Consulting (on campus and online)
With guidance from faculty, student teams provide business solutions for organizations in a 10-week course, collaborating on industry projects in areas such as marketing, strategy, economics, finance, supply chain and analytics, among others.

MGMT 680: Leading for Innovation (Philadelphia and Malvern)
In an accelerated, four-day residency, student teams provide business solutions for organizations, delivering recommendations and insights at LeBow’s Philadelphia or Malvern campus.