Experiential Learning for Graduate Students

Student Participates in Practice Interview

Professional Development and Internships

Professional development opportunities provide practical application of theories learned in the classroom and prepare students for professional interactions with industry leaders. Through a series of workshops and events, students develop an understanding of the critical thinking skills required for business problem solving and techniques used to tell an effective story.

Graduate Internship (BUSN 615)

Graduate-level internships provide an opportunity for practical application of theories learned in the classroom. Students typically spend three months employed at a business that is linked to their academic interests. Full-time employment is up to 40 hours/week while part-time employment is up to 20 hours/week. Variable credits based on duration of internship.

Tax Experiential Learning (TAX 715)

This experiential service learning class requires students to complete a short IRS training program and then prepare actual individual income tax returns to help those in need of pro bono assistance in the Philadelphia community through a neighborhood service project.

Foundations of Career & Professional Development (BUSN 614)

This course provides foundational instruction in professional etiquette and career development. Students will learn through lecture, small group activities, and one-on-one meeting with their career advisor the tools to create a professional resume and cover letter, LinkedIn profile, and learn how to network effectively within their industry. Upon successful completion students will be able to commence their internship/job search with the correct tools and knowledge.