Marketing Specialization

Marketing Concentration Career Paths

Career Options: What Can I Do With an MBA With a Concentration in Marketing?

The MBA with a concentration in marketing is designed to build a solid business background including a basic understanding of a variety of business disciplines, while also allowing you to build on that foundation with a deeper look into the field of marketing.

By covering key marketing concepts such as customer analytics, marketing experiments, and buyer behavior theory, this concentration prepares you to make strategic decisions whether you’re working in marketing communications, management information or research.

MBA With a Concentration in Marketing Career Options and Salaries

A concentration in marketing can prepare you to work in a variety of capacities in both national and international markets.

An example of job titles this degree prepares you for includes:

  • Marketing Manager, Average Salary: $144,660
  • Public Relations Manager, Average Salary: $132,630
  • Sales Manager, Average Salary: $144,660

Specializations and Industries with an MBA Concentration in Marketing

The marketing concentration can prepare you to work in a variety of roles, offering practical training in these key areas:

  • Communications
  • Market research
  • Market strategy

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