Joe Rosenthal

Joe Rosenthal

Degree: MBA

Class Year: 2013

Position and Employer: Director Corporate Development,

Hometown: West Chester, Penn.

Joe Rosenthal was an accountant by education but had left the profession six years earlier to become a financial analyst at a biotech company and spend more time with his family. A short time later, he landed a similar role at Endo International. After a discussion with his supervisor at Endo about his professional future, it was clear he needed to pursue his MBA. When exploring his MBA options, Drexel LeBow’s Malvern campus was the clear choice as the place to work toward that goal.

“I liked the emphasis on experiential learning,” said Rosenthal. “Plus, with my office in Malvern and my home in West Chester, the location was perfect. I talked with my wife and discussed that while the MBA was going to help my career, it was going to help our family. This was for us, not just me.”

The quantitative classes – accounting, statistics, economics – came naturally to Rosenthal. Marketing and management, not so much, but he was able to find support from his classmates.

“One of the things I loved about Drexel’s program was that it was cohorted,” said Rosenthal. “You are in a team with people who are strong with numbers and people who excel at other skills. You know each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and you become a close knit family.”

Rosenthal was about halfway through the program when an assistant dean at LeBow joined him and his mentor for lunch at Endo. The dean asked Rosenthal’s mentor: “What do you see next in Joe’s career? What skills should he have?”

When the answer was improved negotiating skills, LeBow modified a course on negotiating for leaders offered at its main campus into a four-day residency at the Malvern campus that Rosenthal and many of his fellow students participated in.

Rosenthal completed his MBA, and his improved negotiation skills helped him become a senior financial analyst and then senior manager of corporate development at Endo. As senior manager of corporate development, he is primarily responsible for evaluating potential mergers and acquisitions, licensing and other strategic opportunities.

He returns to the Drexel Malvern campus every fall to play the role of a board member as part of the four-day residency that begins the MBA program. He listens to strategic presentations by teams of students and offers feedback as part of the sophisticated simulation.

“The Drexel LeBow MBA has given me the tools to be more effective at my job,” he said. “And it’s enabled me to think strategically, outside the box and bring a different way of thinking to what I do.”

The one thing it didn’t give him? “There’s still no negotiating with the wife and kids,” he said with a huge smile.